An eco-system for growing biomedical knowledge.

Learning from each new dataset.

The Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud has been designed from the ground up to enable learning and growing knowledge from each new dataset. The platform's modular architecture allows independent system components to handle integration and advanced analysis of heterogeneous data types spanning molecular, phenotypic and clinical data, both structured and unstructured. Data are mapped to a dynamic biomedical ontology allowing cross-referencing and joint analyses across thousands of datasets and millions of publications.

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Data Hub: Integrate

Integrating vast amounts of genomic, phenotypic and clinical data. 
Both publicly-available (continuously updated) and internal customer-provided data.

App Engine: Analyze

Powered by state-of-the-art genomics, systems biology, machine learning and natural language processing algorithms and applications.

CURIE™ Knowledge Graph: Learn

Revolutionary semantic AI knowledge integration engine that iteratively builds and expands a graphical knowledge base with each new dataset and analysis.

The Data-Driven Discovery Engine

How does it work?

The Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud works in three steps. Number one, it catalogs and integrates thousands of datasets from the public domain and from within your organization. Number two, it computes on that data, running an array of apps spanning genomics, systems biology, machine learning and natural language processing. Number three, it continuously integrates all extracted knowledge building a comprehensive data-driven semantic knowledge graph for your organization.

Up-to-date Multidimensional Data

We curate and integrate new public data all the time. In fact many of the resources are updated fully automatically an a weekly and monthly basis. You can add your data anytime or we can help.

Broad Collection of Apps

Growing collection of applications spanning systems biology, machine learning and natural language processing.

Continuously Growing Knowledge

The CURIE Knowledge Graph continuously integrates knowledge from each new analysis or uploded resource. The information is indexed, cross-referenced and readily available within seconds.

Powerful UI

Extensive and fully interactive data visualization and presentation modules allow easy and intuitive access to data and knowledge in the system without programming.

Flexible APIs

On the other hand, if coding is your forte, you can access the data and information in CURIE through a set of flexible REST APIs.

Multi-Layer Security

The Biomedical Intelligence Cloud implements multiple layers of security, encrypts data in storage and in transit, and can be configured to connect to your local network via VPN.

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