Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud

Rapidly growing biomedical knowledge.

Leading pharmaceutical companies and research organizations use the Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud and the CURIE™ Knowledge Graph to infer and organize knowledge from thousands of genomic, phenotypic and clinical datasets.

New Biopharma companies adopt knowledge graphs to drive pharmaceutical R&D.Watch our PMWC 2020 talk here.

Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud

Growing biomedical knowledge using semantically-linked data, systems biology and AI.

The Data4Cure Biomedical Intelligence® Cloud platform and services help biopharmaceutical companies make more informed decisions using bioinformatics, machine learning and AI applications built on top of the largest repository of semantically linked biomedical data and literature. Central to the platform is a dynamic biomedical knowledge graph called CURIE™ spanning over 1 billion biomedical facts and relations continuously inferred from thousands of datasets (both public and customer-specific) and millions of publications.

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